Clean Eating With a Whole Foods Diet

What Does it Mean “Clean Eating”

What clean eating amounts to is eating unprocessed, wholesome foods I really do feel most of us wish to be healthier but ready made meals is easy and even though I understand that, I am nonetheless very cognizant of what I actually eat. I enjoy hassle-free food just as much as the next person but I do take notice to what I eat. Even though I lead essentially a normal life, I eat out with friends or at a friend’s home. I attempt to be very conscious of the meals I am eating. I do on the other hand stay aware of the food I eat. Paying attention to what you may be eating is at the core of clean eating. Clean eating is defined by consuming wholesome foods in their natural state with no the processing.

What Do I Eat?

More often than not I try and eat clean and my diet has a wide range of foods, what I don’t eat is a much shorter list. Clean food means food which is as close to their natural state as attainable. Eating food as close to its natural state is what clean eating is all about. Almost any food that is precooked or coming from a box or can I don’t eat. While yes I do eat dessert on my birthday, I don’t eat it or other sugars the rest of the year. I have a sweet tooth I just satisfy it differently today, I use natural foods like food or some raw food desserts. Now right onto what I will eat.


The greater part of my diet comes from vegetables, and you can eat as much as you want guilt free. Vegetables are terrific, you can eat as many as you want without having any guilt. You might have them baked, raw or perhaps cooked on the bbq. I eat them typically raw though and put greens into smoothies so I have fresh vegetables at every meal and often more than one serving. The one vegetable I eat only in moderation are potatoes, especially if you are trying to lose weight.


I eat a lot of fruit I eat whenever I like to. Fruit is what I grab when I have a sweet craving, it is much better than chips or cookies. Fruit is low calorie and loaded with nutrients. The canned kind of fruit is yucky, it is packed with sugars and syrups but, fresh fruit I eat everyday. Not being much of a cook, fruit rocks you do not have to cook it just get it and go. Buying certified organic is important, be careful to stay away from inorganic sprays they are harmful to your health.

Milk and Milk Products

I loathe the stuff with a fiery passion, no really I hate the stuff. I don’t eat cheese or yoghurt and because I am not a calf I don’t drink milk. The saying “Milk does a body good” is really full of crap.

Meat and Fish

It’s where you have to be cautious about eating clean. While I do eat beef I do not get to eat it often. Organic meat doesn’t use chemical additives but grass fed beef is often more costly so I save it for special occasions. Another thing to point out though is I under no circumstances eat things like hot dogs, processed meats plus I don’t buy things from the deli counter at the grocery store. Fish is something I make a point of eating several times a week, it really is brain food.

Grain and Legumes

I avoid them like the plague! Yes I understand grains are the hot thing in nutrition but no thanks I will pass. Grains like corn and soya beans are genetically modified and I am not positive they are okay. They are filled with lectins and phytic acid and they are not a good idea, both of them are anti-nutrients. Breads and other grain products have been refined to death removing most of the nutritional value they used to have. I do eat nuts however in moderation and only after they had been soaked to break down the lectins. Nuts are also really high in fiber and a great source of healthy proteins.

In the beginning I did give up some snacks that I really liked and it was hard. I did have cravings at the start and I craved treats but hang on they do subside, if I eat them now they make me miserable so avoiding them is really easy. Eating clean is actually less difficult than this might sound and one of the many benefits is that I pretty much eat whenever I want and I feel much healthier and fitter than ever.

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